Antifragile Organisations

In order for organisations to operate successfully in complex environments they need to be able to benefit from turbulence and uncertainty. The increasing complexity of organisations makes them more susceptible to the effects of small changes within the systems in which they operate. Being resilient ensures that organisations will not be adversely affected by those changes.

But is there an approach that goes beyond resilience and actually increases the probability of growth as a result of shocks to the system? Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a leading thinker on risk and probability, and author of The Black Swan addresses this question in his book, Antifragile.

His idea is that all things are subject to disorder and variances, and while we can’t predict when and the magnitude of the disorder, we can structure things so that they may benefit from the disorder.

We have developed a workshop that can be run as part of a larger leadership programme or as a stand-alone workshop that will assist your leaders in being more comfortable in ambiguous and complex situations and will help them apply the concept of antifragility to your organisation.

In the workshop we consider what leadership capabilities are needed to ensure sustainability and success despite systemic shocks? What policies and systems can leaders incorporate to increase their organisation’s antifragility? How can you apply antifragility to organisational areas such as teams, talent development, HR and project management? Contact us for more information on our antifragility workshop.

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Louise Kovacs will be holding a workshop in collaboration with Dr Sarah Corrie at the International Conference of Coaching Psychology. Additional info here.