Lessons in leadership from Leicester City FC

Posted on : 04 Jun 2016 | No Comments

Leicester City Football Club manager, Claudio Ranieri engineered a phenomenal sporting victory in coaching his team of underdogs to the English Premier League title in 2016. While it can be deceptive to rely on a sample size of one, his methods can provide valuable lessons for other organisational situations. Incremental change When he arrived at […]

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Research debunks one of the myths of coach selection

Posted on : 26 Nov 2015 | No Comments

A dilemma for many coaching clients at the commencement of a coaching assignment is how to select their coach.  Often the fallback is to select on the basis of shared professional experience or specific industry experience.  Other criteria that clients may adopt include the coach’s academic qualifications, coaching certifications, nationality, or gender.  While all may […]

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Developing diverse talent and increasing the number of women in leadership roles is a complex task

Posted on : 24 Jan 2015 | No Comments

As can be seen in the McKinsey Infographic below, Asia has a long way to go to increase the levels of female participation at senior leadership levels. Despite most countries seeing women representing close to or even over 50% of university graduates, females quickly drop out of the pipeline. Increasing the number of women in […]

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Innovation: Does leadership make a difference?

Posted on : 21 Jul 2013 | No Comments

Many organisations recognise the need to innovate but find it challenging to deliver any real outcomes. A question I was recently asked was does leadership behaviour or style make a difference to an organisation’s ability to innovate? Intuitively, many of us think that it should make a difference. But what does the research show and […]

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Intuitions vs formulas

Posted on : 23 May 2013 | No Comments

The nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman in his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, questions whether we should trust the opinions of experts when they rely on intuition for their decisions. He refers to a joint research project he undertook with Gary Klein; one he terms an “adversarial collaboration” because Klein started with an opposite viewpoint to […]

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Five things you need to get your brand in shape

Posted on : 17 Mar 2013 | No Comments

Our CEO Louise Kovacs recently spoke at a Women in Business Leadership Conference organised by Cisco, Oracle, Dell, Google, NUS Business School & Women Media Networks. This post is a summary of the content of the keynote address that she gave on 15 March. The topic for the conference was ‘working the corporate ladder; workplace […]

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Leaders in over their heads

Posted on : 12 Mar 2013 | No Comments

In this post, our CEO Louise Kovacs talks about adult developmental theory and its application to leadership development. Many of you may be familiar with Piaget’s theory of mental development that mapped out the hierarchical stages of cognitive development of children until they reach adulthood; what Piaget called abstract or formal operations. Now a number […]

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The benefits of succession planning and executive development

Posted on : 22 Feb 2013 | No Comments

In a previous post that looked at leadership lessons from Warren Buffet, one of the fundamental lessons was succession planning. The quote we took from the Berkshire Hathaway annual report was, “The primary job of a board of directors is to see that the right people are running the business and to be sure that […]

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The art of collaboration or the art of war?

Posted on : 23 Nov 2012 | No Comments

Many of us have read books applying Sun Zi’s ‘Art of War’ to business. In a recent talk I attended at the National University of Singapore the Vice-Dean of the Business School launched his new book Zheng He’s ‘Art of Collaboration’.  Prof. Hum Sin Hoon has applied the thinking from the voyages of the great […]

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Using networks to solve complex problems

Posted on : 12 Nov 2012 | No Comments

Most of us would agree that winning the US presidency is a complex issue, and one that requires a constantly adapting approach. One of the interesting stories behind the Obama’s win is that of a man most of us have never heard of; Jim Messina. I read this article with interest, particularly in relation to […]

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Five things about leadership you can learn from Neil Armstrong

Posted on : 29 Sep 2012 | No Comments

In this post, Ritchie Castree-Croad writes about the late Neil Armstrong and what we can learn about leadership from him. A couple of months ago possibly one of the most famous Americans in recent history died: Neil Armstrong. He rose to fame with his command of the Apollo 11 mission and moon landing, but Armstrong […]

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