Deloitte Breakfast Series: April 2013

Global mindsets: Developing global leaders in Asia

Wednesday, 3 April 2013, 8.15am to 10.00am

Here is the link to the Global mindsets slides


  • Javidan, Teagarden & Bowden (2010) Making it Overseas, Harvard Business Review, April 2010
  • There is also an interview with Mansour Javidan on the HBR page
  • Blog post by Mansour Javidan on Global Mindset
  • A brochure for the Global Mindset Inventory can be downloaded here. The GMI is currently available in Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and English.

In the past 40 years the number of multinational corporations (MNCs) has grown exponentially. Between 1993 and 2003 alone the number of MNCs increased from 3,000 to 63,000. Increasingly these MNCs are no longer solely western companies. Now many Asia-based companies are operating internationally, creating a need for a different set of leadership capabilities.

The development of leadership capability to lead effectively in a global environment is a challenge faced by many companies and requires more than cross-cultural knowledge. In a survey of managers in global roles more than 60% reported that they were poorly prepared for their roles.

In our third breakfast event Mario Ferraro, Consulting Director of Human Capital in Deloitte will demonstrate the importance of developing global leadership capability and the challenges experienced by Asian companies in doing so.

Louise Kovacs, CEO of Madston Black, will present the concept of Global Mindset, which includes specific knowledge, skills and abilities that have been defined through scientific research at the Najafi Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Louise will present the research behind the concept, the key elements and building blocks of Global Mindset and examples and ideas for developing these capabilities.