Deloitte Breakfast Series: August 2013

Leadership and innovation

Wednesday, 14 August 2013, 8.15am to 10.00am

The session was led by Eduardo Chakarian of Monitor Deloitte. Here is the link to his slides.

Additional information:

  • Link to the Global Innovation Index 2013 website.
  • Forbes Insights and Ipsos Observer published a study in 2011 of how European entrepreneurial executives mobilise organisations to innovate.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, businesses compete on a level playing field by having equal opportunities to source globally for the best talent and resources. The ability to innovate has become a business imperative for organisations to survive and thrive. With the ever increasing pace of change, innovation has become the key to developing new products, services, processes and business models that set companies apart from their competitors.

Join us for the first session of a new series of breakfast seminars to explore the world of innovation and hear how some business leaders have fostered a culture of innovation in their organisations.

Eduardo Chakarian, Director at Monitor Deloitte is a subject matter expert on innovation. He will share the highlights of an Innovation Survey conducted in Singapore, and provide different approaches and case studies on how innovative leaders have overcome business challenges.

Louise Kovacs, CEO of Madston Black will facilitate a discussion on how leaders can take practical steps towards creating the right environment for innovation to flourish and make it part of the culture.