Deloitte Breakfast Series: December 2013

Leadership vs management: Are you developing leaders or just training managers?

Wednesday, 2 December 2013, 8.15am to 10.00am

The topic was considered using the leadership maturity framework. Here is the link to the slides and handout.

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Many organisations face the challenge of developing leaders to lead both locally and internationally, investing considerable time and money in learning and development. This round-table seminar explores approaches to increase the effectiveness in developing both leadership and management capability, both of which are required for the leadership of sustainable organisations. Managers and leaders have different skills, competencies, backgrounds and personalities.

We will be exploring another kind of difference: the leaders’ ability to make sense of the complex world in which they find themselves, and how this ability can impact the development of their leadership capacity.

Louise Kovacs CEO of Madston Black will first explore the differences between leadership and management and then discuss how we can build programmes that are truly developmental, going beyond skills to develop the capacity of people to lead effectively in a complex world.

Karina Kuok, Senior Manager Deloitte Consulting SEA, will share insights on how leaders distinguish themselves through a demonstrated ability to think differently, adapting to changing scenarios, building networks, defining corporate culture and driving innovation.