Deloitte Breakfast Series: June 2013

The role of HR in aligning culture and strategy

Wednesday, 5 June 2013, 8.15am to 10.00am

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  • From NY, transcript of interview with Victoria Ransom, CEO of Wildfire (US) on instilling a company’s values.

Although corporate culture is often perceived as an intangible aspect of the organisation, its impact on employee behaviour and organisational effectiveness is unquestionable. Senior leaders set the overall strategy but the everyday actions and behaviours of the individual contributors will ultimately determine the effectiveness and success of strategic initiatives. Many critical success factors in today’s competitive business environment, such as collaboration, knowledge-sharing, innovation and intelligent risk-taking, are heavily dependent on creating and sustaining the right corporate culture.

Join us for the fourth in our series of breakfast seminars to explore the impact of corporate culture on business initiatives and how strategic HR leaders can harness culture to ensure alignment of workforce behaviours and company strategy.

Mario Ferraro, Consulting Director of Human Capital in Deloitte will discuss how corporate culture can be measured, designed and implemented throughout an organisation to support corporate values, business strategies or specific initiatives.

Louise Kovacs, CEO of Madston Black, will share insights from her previous role as corporate strategy and capability manager for a major technology company, and will provide examples of how leadership development programmes can be a vehicle for cultural change.