Deloitte Breakfast Series: October 2013

How HR can utilise insights from neuroscience

Wednesday, 9 October 2013, 8.15am to 10.00am

The session was led by Lyndsay Potts. Here is the link to his slides.

Additional information:

  • Video from David Rock on the SCARF model and how threats and rewards apply in the workplace here.
  • See a previous blogpost on Kahneman’s, Thinking Fast and Slow on how we can erroneously rely on intuition here.

The field of neuroscience has developed rapidly in recent years and insights are now being applied to fields such as economics, finance and marketing.  For example, researchers have studied images of the brain to identify which areas influence buying decisions.

Now neuroscience insights are also being applied to the fields of management and leadership, revealing new compelling findings such as how our brains make decisions, weigh ethical issues, or handle change and emotions.

This breakfast seminar provides HR leaders with an understanding of some of these findings and how they can apply them to better understand what motivates employees, how to drive organisational change more effectively and what this means for leadership behaviours.

Our resident neuroscience expert Lyndsay Potts, a consultant with Madston Black, will be leading our event.Lyndsay is an organisational psychologist who has held senior HR leadership roles in the Asia Pacific region in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Mario Ferraro Consulting Director of Human Capital, Deloitte will facilitate a discussion on how you can apply these findings to your organisation.