Developing Diverse Talent

With the growth ambitions of many organisations in the Asia Pacific region, developing diverse talent becomes essential to their long-term sustainability and performance.

Identifying and accelerating the development of talent is a challenge for many of our clients and we have developed some specific programmes to accelerate this process.

Our Women in Leadership in Asia programme and Developing Diverse Talent programme provide the high-potential people in your organisation with the development they need to become the future leaders of your organisation. Contact us to arrange a discussion on how we can assist you in developing your talent in the Asia Pacific region.

The latest book from Kegan and Lahey looks at organisations that grow their people by weaving development into the daily fabric of the company’s operations, daily routines, and conversations. Read more

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Louise Kovacs will be holding a workshop in collaboration with Dr Sarah Corrie at the International Conference of Coaching Psychology. Additional info here.