Leadership Programmes


We offer customised research-based leadership development programmes that are tailored to your organisations’ specific needs. Our approach to leadership development is to set the programme in the context of the desired organisational outcomes. Each organisation has specific opportunities, challenges and strategic approaches. In our programmes participants are assisted in applying the leadership theories, tools and techniques to meet the circumstances of their particular situations.

We make a distinction between management development and leadership development; our programmes can contain elements of both if required. Management development focuses on improving the performance of individuals within formal managerial roles and focuses on developing the skills needed to manage people and systems effectively and therefore increase performance.

Leadership development is focused on building the capacity of people at any level to lead more effectively in more complex and ambiguous situations, and where people may be required to learn their way out of situations that they have not previously encountered. Leadership development aims to equip individuals and organisations to navigate a broader range of settings effectively and increase the versatility and adaptability of leaders so that they can thrive in complex environments. Contact us to discuss your leadership development needs.

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Louise Kovacs will be holding a workshop in collaboration with Dr Sarah Corrie at the International Conference of Coaching Psychology. Additional info here.