Making it Real – learning through work to increase your effectiveness and your performance

Finding time to devote to their own development is a problem facing many executives. Although recognising that ongoing development is essential for career success, some people still find it difficult to prioritise and structure development activities. In this paper, Louise Kovacs, outlines an approach to development that uses work as a personal learning environment, integrating development with day-to-day work. This Work as Learning (WaL) approach is based on the 70-20-10 approach to development where 10% of learning comes from formal approaches such as training, 20% comes from coaching or mentoring relationships, and 70% from work-based activities. In order for this approach to work it needs to be focused and structured. The approach outlined in this document provides a structure and tips for developing your own Work-as Learning plan and a template of a WaL plan can be found at the back of the white paper. Find out more