Mental Toughness

In order to thrive on complexity, leaders need a degree of mental toughness. Our approach to mental toughness uses a well validated measure, the MTQ48 combined with either individual coaching, a workshop, or team coaching.

Increasing performance and positive behaviours

Research shows that around 25% of the variation in a person’s performance is explained by their mental toughness. Increasing mental toughness is demonstrated to have other benefits such as increasing positive behaviours. The higher the level of mental toughness, the more an individual demonstrates positive behaviours. They adopt a “can do” attitude and are more likely to volunteer for things, welcome change, see the positives and be more accepting of responsibility. People with higher mental toughness are also more likely to collaborate and work effectively in teams, seeing themselves as being able to contribute to team performance.

Increasing wellbeing

The higher the level of mental toughness, the greater the sense of wellbeing. This translates into outcomes such as dealing more effectively with adversity and recovering from setbacks more quickly. At an organisational level, the outcomes include reduced absenteeism, and reductions in reported bullying.


The MTQ48 is a high-quality psychometric instrument designed to measure mental toughness against a model of mental known as the four C’s.

A number of reports are available including development reports for individuals, an organisational report, and a report that can be used for assessment purposes.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you develop mental toughness in your organisation.

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