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In this newsletter you’ll find three articles, plus news from the Madston Black team:

  • The ‘Art of Collaboration’ or ‘Art of War’?
  • Navigating Complexity and Executive Coaching research project – an opportunity to participate in a 6 month coaching program at no cost
  • Madston Black and Deloitte launch Leadership Academy in South East Asia.
  • What’s happening at Madston Black Singapore?

The ‘Art of Collaboration’ or the ‘Art of War’?

Many of us are familiar with the ‘Art of War’ based on the writings of Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu or Sun Zi. A number of authors have used his thinking as a basis for approaches to business, but is this the best approach for today’s business environment? A new book written by Prof. Hum Sim Hoon, the Vice-Dean of the NUS Business School, proposes that what is needed in our current environment is a more collaborative approach.

What are the principles of successful collaboration? For answers to this question we can draw from the wisdom and principles another significant Chinese military figure, Zheng He. Zheng He led one of the world’s ocean going fleets during the 1400s under Emperor Yongle. His fleet consisted of up to 300 ships and 27,000 crew, a size similar to many of today’s organisations. Zheng He was extremely successful in developing trade between China and SE Asia through establishing collaborative relationships rather than trying to over-power other nations. Please follow the link to go to our blog » to read more about the ‘Art of Collaboration’ and how to apply it to your business.

Navigating Complexity

Executives are continually dealing with situations that are complex, uncertain and anxiety-provoking. In 2010, an IBM global CEO survey found that 79% of executives anticipated they would need to deal with increasing complexity in the future and more than half doubted they had the capability to handle it.

As some of you may be aware, Louise Kovacs is currently undertaking a doctorate through Middlesex University. There is now an opportunity to participate in Louise’s research project and receive coaching at no cost to participants.

What is involved?

The research coaching program is open to executives in Singapore working at a senior or middle management level who are interested in exploring and improving their ability to deal with complexity. The initial stage of the coaching program will involve benchmark assessments that will include a 360 degree survey, several brief questionnaires and an interview.

Coaching participants will receive a tailored program that will identify their strengths and weaknesses in dealing with complexity and 6 coaching sessions to increase their potential capabilities. An assessment will be also be conducted at the end of the program in order to measure outcomes. All information will be treated confidentially. Any individual or company names will not be used in documentation, research reports or publications. For more information or to discuss participation in the project, please contact Louise Kovacs on +65 8598 6090 Louise

Launching the Deloitte Leadership Academy in SE Asia

The Deloitte Leadership Academy responds to changing trends in leadership development by delivering current content from a number of sources including the world’s most acknowledged learning institutions through its online portal and mobile applications. This supports leaders to learn when, where and how they prefer. For instance the leadership Academy was first developed to be used in-flight and is currently deployed by Qantas through its in-flight entertainment systems.

The online portal is also designed to support face-to-face interventions such as coaching, 360 surveys and personal development plans, giving clients the ability to tie all of the pieces of the leadership development puzzle together to support on-the-job development in one easy-to-use, customisable platform and program. The Deloitte Leadership Academy is now well established with more than 5,000 executives accessing it in 14 countries including the UK, South Africa, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Madston Black are partnering with SE Asia to deliver leadership development solutions using the DLA. We use the DLA to support one-to-one coaching programs, and leadership programs as well as providing fully blended learning solutions with workshops, DLA content, webinars and online interaction. For more information go to our website to watch a video »

Other Madston Black news

Our CEO in Singapore, Louise Kovacs, has been asked to complete some consulting work at the Centre for Strategic Leadership (CSL) at the Business School of the National University of Singapore. Established in 2011 the CSL produces research into the capabilities needed to lead in a global context, particularly focused on developing Asian leaders for global roles. The centre is the link between academics and industry and collaborates with organisations in Singapore to produce research that helps organisations address current leadership challenges. Louise’s role is to be the main link between the research centre and industry. She will be setting up relationships for in-company research projects, ensuring events provide practical and useful information for industry leaders and being the main point of contact for industry at CSL. NUS is one of the world’s leading universities, with business school being #9 in global rankings, and this appointment is recognition of Louise’s expertise in leadership development and her research and industry experience. Research projects do not have to be based in Singapore and if any companies are interested in participating in research please contact Louise. More information about the CSL can be found Read more »