One-On-One Coaching

Coaching is an experiential, individualised developmental process that builds a leader’s capability to lead their teams and organisations to achieve short and long-term goals. It is conducted through one-on-one interaction, supported by data from multiple perspectives. It is based on a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the coach, coachee and organisational stakeholders working in partnership to achieve the purpose of the coaching.

We start from the premise that organisations are complex and the people within organisations are themselves complex. Therefore, to be effective, a coaching programme needs to provide a solution that is equally complex and nuanced. Simple approaches to executive development using standard coaching models are not generally effective. Instead we provide coaches who are expert in matching the solution to the needs of each individual participant. Such a programme is characterised by the following.

Individualised A non-uniform approach to coaching is required to meet each participant’s unique circumstances and requirements.
Evolutionary We start with small changes that build on what’s already working and over the course of the coaching, aim to develop transformational changes.
Flexibility As changes are made by the individual, circumstances may also change and this requires a flexible and adaptable approach. New circumstances and paths may also emerge as a result of the changes being made.
Multiple perspectives Because the individual operates within a team, an organisation and a wider environment, the coaching solution needs to take account of the interplay between the levels and the influences that actions in one part of the system have on others.
Self-development As opposed to a mentoring role where advice on specific issues is provided, coaching is all about developing the participant to become more self-aware and in the process, a more effective leader. A consequence is that they also become more successful in developing others.

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