Past Events

Deloitte Breakfast Series: February 2014
Beyond resilience: Developing organisations that benefit from volatility

This topic was explored by reference to the ideas of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Antifragile. Here is the link to the slides and below are other relevant links.

Deloitte Breakfast Series: December 2013
Leadership vs management: Are you developing leaders or just training managers?

The topic was considered using the leadership maturity framework. Here is the link to the slides and handout.

Further reading:

  • Keegan, R. (1994) In Over Our Heads, Harvard University Press.
  • Torbert, B. & ors. (2004) Action Inquiry, Berrett Koehler.
  • Garvey Berger, J. (2012) Changing On The Job, Stanford Business Books.
  • Kegan, R. & Laskow Lahey, L. (2009) Immunity To Change, HBR Press.
  • Joiner, B. & Josephs, S. (2007) Leadership Agility, Jossey-Bass
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Deloitte Breakfast Series: October 2013
How HR can utilise insights from neuroscience

The session was led by Lyndsay Potts. Here is the link to his slides.

Additional information:

  • Video from David Rock on the SCARF model and how threats and rewards apply in the workplace here.
  • See a previous blogpost on Kahneman’s, Thinking Fast and Slow on how we can erroneously rely on intuition here.
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Deloitte Breakfast Series: August 2013
Leadership and innovation

The session was led by Eduardo Chakarian of Monitor Deloitte. Here is the link to his slides.

Additional information:

  • Link to the Global Innovation Index 2013 website.
  • Forbes Insights and Ipsos Observer published a study in 2011 of how European entrepreneurial executives mobilise organisations to innovate.
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Deloitte Breakfast Series: June 2013
The role of HR in aligning culture and strategy

Here is the link to the slides.

Additional information:

  • From NY, transcript of interview with Victoria Ransom, CEO of Wildfire (US) on instilling a company’s values.
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Deloitte Breakfast Series: April 2013
Global mindsets: Developing global leaders in Asia

Here is the link to the Global mindsets slides


  • Javidan, Teagarden & Bowden (2010) Making it Overseas, Harvard Business Review, April 2010
  • There is also an interview with Mansour Javidan on the HBR page
  • Blog post by Mansour Javidan on Global Mindset
  • A brochure for the Global Mindset Inventory can be downloaded here. The GMI is currently available in Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and English.
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Deloitte Breakfast Series: February 2013
Beyond the org chart: Understanding leadership and influence through network analysis

Please find below the link to the slides. Beyond the Org Chart slides


  • Cross et al (2007) Using Network Analysis to build a new business, Organizational Dynamics, vol 36, No 4.
  • Cross et al (2009) How effective leaders drive results through networks, Organizational Dynamics, vol 38, No 2.
  • Steen, J., MacAulay, S. and Kastelle, T. (2008). ‘New Tools to Map and Manage Innovation Networks,’ in The Human Dimension of Innovation, Australian Business Foundation, Sydney.
  • Tim Kastelle from the University of Queensland is our partner for research into social networks, particularly in relation to innovation. Tim and his colleagues have an excellent blog here.

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Louise Kovacs will be holding a workshop in collaboration with Dr Sarah Corrie at the International Conference of Coaching Psychology. Additional info here.