The Madston Black team has been assembled to offer clients and participants a high level of account service backed by professional experience and coaching ability. Our people come from diverse corporate backgrounds and have a broad range of technical qualifications, enabling us to match the right person to meet any client brief.

Coach supervision

Our coaches are provided with regular supervision by independent qualified coaching psychologists to enable continuous improvement of their professional practice.

Qualifications when you need them

Our clients leverage a wealth of experience and post-graduate qualifications with our coaching team. These qualifications include but are not limited to business, psychology, law, communications, and change management.

Our coaches are qualified to administer and assess using the following tools when and as required:
HOGAN suite, LEA and PD, MBTI, Genos, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence, Kaiser Leadership Solutions LVI, LSI, GSI, LI, OCI/OEI, and DiSC.


  • Louise Kovacs
    Managing Director
  • Helen Leeder
  • John Ogier
  • Katherine Chen
  • Saba Hasanie
  • Holly Cormack


  • Audrey Schroeder
  • Joan Xu

Hong Kong

  • Jeremy Stunt
  • Austin Tay
  • Catherine Eidens
  • Lalita Raman


  • Kath McCarthy
  • Olivia Evans
  • Nic Eddy


  • Kyoko Kusama


  • Cheryl Brown

  • Anthony Campbell


  • Ellie Scarf


  • Shani Sparkes
  • Laurent Criou

If you have a requirement for leadership performance programmes or executive coaching in the Asia Pacific region or UK, please contact us for further information on people and services.

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We are partnering with The Whole Being Group to bring the MTQ48 psychometric measure of mental toughness to Singapore. Details available here.