How do we respond to the unique and idiosyncratic needs of our clients while also working within recognised frameworks?

Sarah Corrie and Louise Kovacs present the case for applying formulation in a coaching context.
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What can realist evaluation tell us about how coaching interventions works?

An article by Louise Kovacs and Sarah Corrie about evaluating the effectiveness of coaching interventions.
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The coaching ripple effect: The effects of developmental coaching on wellbeing across organisational networks.

A research paper by Sean O’Connor and Michael Cavanagh of the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit. Click here to download the paper.

The latest book from Kegan and Lahey looks at organisations that grow their people by weaving development into the daily fabric of the company’s operations, daily routines, and conversations. Read more

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We are partnering with The Whole Being Group to bring the MTQ48 psychometric measure of mental toughness to Singapore. Details available here.