Special workshop for coaches

As part of the Sydney University Coaching Conference to be held 15 and 16 February 2020 Louise Kovacs will be conducting a workshop in collaboration with Dr Sarah Corrie.

Knowing Ourselves: How Coaches can Take Care of their Well-Being through a Formulation-Driven Approach


As coaches, well-being interventions are rightly focused on meeting the needs of clients.   However, research increasingly suggests that it is equally important to pay attention to taking care of the self of the coach, as neglecting to do so can have implications for the sustainability of the coach’s practice.  Whilst there are a number of different forms of personal practice that may promote self-care, there is relatively little information on how coaches can apply these approaches to support well-being.   Formulation has a well-established history in applied psychology and has the potential to assist coaches in understanding their well-being needs and enable them to make sound choices around self-care.  


  • To raise awareness of the challenges for coaches in managing their well-being.
  • To demonstrate how different approaches to formulation can be applied to supporting the coach’s self-care.
  • To provide a tool to assist coaches in identifying their current well-being needs and design a solution.

Key points

This workshop will introduce the concept of formulation as a useful vehicle for coaches to understand and address current self-care needs. Participants will be guided to develop a formulation of their current well-being, enabling them to develop a practical intervention plan.  In order to gain the most benefit from the workshop participants should come with an area of self-care that they would like to attend to.    


As coaches we continue to support an increasingly diverse range of clients, placing demands on our personal well-being.  With little guidance on how to best approach the task of self-care, formulation is offered as a tool that can enable coaches to recognize and address their personal well-being needs, ensuring the sustainability of their ability to support clients’ needs.

For full details on the conference, or to register, go to the conference website.