Why you and your leaders need global mindsets

Is your leadership team equipped to deal with global complexities?

Welcome to the March newsletter of Madston Black Singapore. In this edition we offer three perspectives on how to better equip yourself or your organisation’s leaders with the ability to deal with the complexities of today’s business environment.

Developing Global Leaders

Madston Black Singapore is now accredited to deliver the Global Mindset Inventory, an instrument that enables organisations to measure and develop their executives’ global mindsets. The tool has been created by Najafi Global Mindset Institute which is part of the Thunderbird School of Global Management and is based on interviews and surveys of over 14,000 people.

The Global Mindset is the set of attributes that enable an executive to influence inpiduals and groups from perse cultural, political and institutional backgrounds – in other words, leadership in a global context.

What are some of the situations where you could use the tool to develop your executives?

A high level of collaboration and occasional visits are required with overseas colleagues.

The business strategy is to explore and expand into other markets but the executive team lacks a global mindset.

As part of the leadership development process, executives are being posted to offices outside Singapore or vice versa but have never worked in a different cultural environment.

Key customers and partners are based in overseas locations.

Therefore, it can be used to improve the success rate of overseas deployments and relationships with overseas colleagues, customers and partners.

We have created a Global Mindset development programme that includes the assessment tool, two-day workshop and coaching. Please contact us if you require additional information on the instrument or wish to discuss setting up a programme for your company or leadership team.

Susanne Cook-Greuter in Singapore for the first time

Madston Black is pleased to be hosting one of the world’s leading authorities on adult development and leadership. Most leadership development and training initiatives are aimed at teaching people new skills and knowledge and helping them apply what they have learned to new situations. These are valuable initiatives but they on their own are unlikely to lead to transformational changes in leadership style.

The developmental approach transforms how a leader makes sense of the world, broadening the leader’s capacity for more complex thinking. Leaders at later stages of adult development are able to take a broader perspective on the organisation and its contexts, will develop relationships with many stakeholders and seek out connections and opportunities in novel places.

Recent research in this field indicates that leaders who are at the later adult development stages are more successful in managing complex change and turbulent environments than developed leaders.

We will be running two events with Susanne while she is in Singapore.

6 to 8 May 2013

A 3-day workshop for leadership development consultants, coaches and L&D professionals who wish to understand adult development theory, the means for measuring leaders’ stage of development, and how to apply this in coaching and leadership development initiatives.

9 May 2013

A two-hour breakfast event where Susanne will provide an overview of the approach and how it can be applied in organisations to increase leadership effectiveness.

Please download the brochure here » and register your interest for either event by emailing lkovacs@madstonblack.com.sg

More information on the adult development theory can be found by reading Louise’s blog post, “Leaders in over their heads” here .

Women in Leadership Conference 2013

Madston Black CEO, Louise Kovacs appeared as keynote speaker at the above event held on 15 March at the National University of Singapore. Louise’s address was “Five things you need to get your personal brand into shape” and was followed by a panel discussion with IT leaders from Cisco, Dell, Google, & Oracle. The event was attended by over 100 female executives from the IT and media industry and gave them the opportunity to explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges for women leaders in the industry with their peers, the speakers and expert panel. A summary of the address has been posted to the Madston Black blog here.

Deloitte and Madston Black breakfast series

Our breakfast event in February featured the topic, Beyond the Org Chart: Understanding influence and leadership through network analysis. Feedback from attendees was that the insights provided by our speakers were valuable and some have expressed interest in implementing an analysis in their own organisations. The aim being to identify the real influencers in their organisations and thus ensure that they are at the forefront of talent retention and development programmes that equip leaders for complex environments.

The presentation slides are available at the website here.

The next event is scheduled for Wednesday, 3 April and coincidentally, the topic will be Global Mindsets: Developing global leaders in Asia. If you are a senior HR leader and wish to attend, please register by emailing lkovacs@madstonblack.com.sg.